TrackTik’s guard tour system in partnership with Arksego monitors the movement of security guards through GPS technology. Daily Activity Reports will automatically be generated with a list of all the checkpoints that the guards have completed.

The checkpoints and tours are fully customizable, completed in real-time and are interactive. Even if a guard’s mobile device loses signal while they are scanning a checkpoint, no data will be lost. The data will be immediately uploaded when they are back in a service area.

This will help us provide you with all the information you need to reduce risk and the tools to ensure the delivery of mission-critical elements in any security plan. Increase security guard accountability, improve guard tour processes and protocols, while driving client retention.

Monitor operations performance

With flexible notification options, TrackTik’s Guard Tour System keeps you informed of the status of events via e-mail, SMS or browser. See in real time whether protocols are being respected and take corrective action without delay.

Guards and patrollers become more self-sufficient, which significantly improves their sense of ownership.

Focus on what is critical

In addition to post and escalation orders, our customizable and flexible checkpoint options empower you with the ability to provide additional instructions, ask questions, request report completion, and much more.

Supporting technologies such as NFC, barcodes, QR codes, and GPS, TrackTik’s Security Guard Tour System replaces outdated solutions while using existing optical labels.